Hotel Accommodation in Gansu
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Jiayuguan City Hotel

  Jiayuguan Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.1, North Xinhua Road

  Tel: 0937-6226983


  The Great Wall Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.6, West Jianshe Road(intersection of West Jianshe Road and South Shengli Road)

  Tel: 0937-6225288


  Jiugang Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.2, West Xiongguan Road

  Tel: 0937-6201777


  Grand Guotai Hotel, three-star, three-star

  Address: No.1669, South Xinhua Road

  Tel: 0937-6326699


  Youth Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.3, West Jianshe Road(close to the intersection of West Jianshe Road and Shengli Road)

  Tel: 0937-6201088


  Huili Residential Hotel, three-star

  Address: To the west of Xiongguan Square

  Tel: 0937-6202571


  Grand Linyuan Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.32, Central Xinhua Road

  Tel: 0937-6203555


  Grand Yuda Hotel, three-star

  Address: Yingbin Lake Scenic Spot

  Tel: 0937-6321111


  Grand Taihe Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.726-1, East Yingbin Road

  Tel: 0937-6303333


  Wutong Hotel of the Peacock Garden, three-star

  Address: 50 meters to the south of Jia-Huang Highway (close to West Jinhua Road)

  Tel: 0937-6213888

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