Hotel Accommodation in Gansu
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Tianshui City Hotel

  Golden Sunshine Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.19, West Zhonghua Road, Qinzhou District

  Tel: 0938-8277777


  Nanyuan Mountain Villa, four-star

  Address: Nanguo Temple Scenic Spot, Qinzhou District

  Tel: 0938-8622555


  Grand Huachen Hotel, four-star

  Address: West Section of Minshan Road, Qincheng District

  Tel: 0938-8611111


  Xiaolongshan Botanical Garden Villa, four-star

  Address: Maiji Mountain Scenic Spot (100 meters from the grotto)

  Tel: 0938-2231025


  Tianshui Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.5, Yingbin Road, Qinzhou District

  Tel: 0938-8615555


  Grand Tianchen Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.1, Zhongxin Road, Qinzhou District(to the north of the Central Square)

  Tel: 0938-8391889


  Xidu Holiday Hotel, three-star

  Address: East gate of Fuxi Town, Jiefang Road, Qinzhou District

  Tel: 0938-6834999


  Grand Tianhe Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.5, North Jihe Road

  Tel: 0938-8284976


  Grand Heping Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.7, Xinhua Road, Qinzhou District(to the north of Dongsheng Tower)

  Tel: 0938-6812200


  Grand Hualian Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.10, West Minzhu Road(to the north of the Central Square)

  Tel: 0938-8215356


  Grand Kaiyue Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.6, Minzhu Road, Qinzhou District(close to the Department Store)

  Tel: 0938-8215888


  Yingbin Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.88, Jianshe Road, Qinzhou District

  Tel: 0938-8212921


  Dong’an Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.9, Longchang Road, Maiji District

  Tel: 0938-2613333


  Grand Green Island Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.7, Quanhu Road, Economic Development Zone, Maiji District

  Tel: 0938-2728208


  Dongfang Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.3, Longchang Road, Maiji District(opposite the Railway Station)

  Tel: 0938-2733333


  Lanqin Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.32, South Weihe Road, Maiji District

  Tel: 0938-2722299


  Grand Wanli Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.24, Bunan Road, Maiji District

  Tel: 0938-2651188


  Qingshui Spring Resort, three-star

  Address: Spring Development Zone, Yongqing Town, Qingshui County

  Tel: 0938-7400666


  Grand Qinrong Hotel, three-star

  Address: Chengji Avenue, Qin’an County

  Tel: 0938-6522448

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