Hotel Accommodation in Gansu
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Jiuquan City Hotel

  Jiuquan Hotel, five-star

  Address: No.33, Jiefang Road, Suzhou District(intersection of Central Panxuan Road and South Avenue)

  Tel: 0937-2618000


  Grand Soluxe Hotel Dunhuang, five-star

  Address: No.1339, Central Yangguan Road(intersection of Central Yangguan Road and West Heba Alley)

  Tel: 0937-8862622


  Orient International Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.6, Cangmen Avenue, Suzhou District

  Tel: 0937-2699999


  Grand Century Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.53, Shiji Avenue, New Town District

  Tel: 0937-2666186


  Chuangtong Business Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.2, Mogao Road, New Town District

  Tel: 0937-2801111


  Grand Sun Hotel - Dunhuang, four-star

  Address: No.5, North Shazhou Road

  Tel: 0937-8829998


  Dunhuang Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.14, East Yangguan Road

  Tel: 0937-8822008


  The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel, four-star

  Address: Dunyue Road(opposite Leiyin Temple)

  Tel: 0937-8882088


  Grand Apsaras Hotell, four-star

  Address: Central Yangguan Road

  Tel: 0937-8853999


  Grand Mogao Hotel, four-star

  Address: Sujiabao, Wudun Village

  Tel: 0937-8868586


  Sun Spring Hotel, four-star

  Address: Middle Section of Airport Road

  Tel: 0937-8868688


  Jinye Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.37, Mingshan Road(close to Yueying Road)

  Tel: 0937-8851246


  Tianrun International Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.309, Mingshan Road, Shazhou Town

  Tel: 0937-8818888


  Jiuquan Hangtian Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.42, Cangmen Avenue, Suzhou District

  Tel: 0937-2650741

  Longteng Hotel, three-star

  Adress: No.31, South Donghuan Road, Suzhou District(close to the East Intercity Bus Station)

  Tel: 0937-2612491

  Suzhou Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.2, Xiaoxi Avenue

  Tel: 0937-2613988


  Guangming Tower, three-star

  Address: No.2, Suzhou Road(southwest corner of the intersection of West Panxuan Road and Suzhou Road)

  Tel: 0937-2671555 


  Grand Hanwang Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.5, Huayuan Road

  Tel: 0937-2675288

  Guazhou Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.53, Xianfu Road, Guazhou County

  Tel: 0937-5526073

  Yulin Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.81, Xianfu Road, Guazhou County

  Tel: 0937-5515100

  Hongjinyuan Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.399, Guazhou Avenue, Guahzou County

  Tel: 0937-5589000

  Akesai County Government Guesthouse, three-star

  Address: No.9, Jinshan Road, Hongliuwan Town, Akesai County

  Tel: 0937-8322578


  Grand Dunhuang Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.994, Central Yangguan Road

  Tel: 0937-8825818


  Grand Yangguan Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.259, South Shazhou Road(opposite the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  Tel: 0937-8853408


  Dunhuang Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.994, Central Yangguan Road, Chengguan District

  Tel :0937-8825818


  Magao Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.248, North Mingshan Road

  Tel: 0937-8851777


  Grand Guangyuan Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.619, North Mingshan Road

  Tel: 0937-8823119


  Grand Yangguang Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.2190, Central Yangguan Road

  Tel: 0937-8855111


  Jiuselu Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.1659, West Yangguan Road

  Tel: 0937-8853188


  Apsaras Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.551, Mingshan Road

  Tel: 0937-8852318


  The Silk Road Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.24, North end of North Shouchang Road

  Tel: 0937-8823807


  Dianli Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.482, North Shazhou Road (close to the Municipal Party School)

  Tel: 0937-8852398

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