Hotel Accommodation in Gansu
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Longnan City Hotel

  Longnan Hotel, four-star

  Address: Xia Jiaochang, Wudu District

  Tel: 0939-8215321


  Chengzhou International Hotel, four-star

  Address: North Riverside Road, Cheng County

  Tel: 0939-3221460


  Grand Yufeng Hotel, four-star

  Address: North Section of Panxuan Road, Longnan Avenue

  Tel: 0939-3202629


  Grand Qindu Hotel, four-star

  Address: East Avenue, Chengguan Town, Li County

  Tel: 0939-4488988


  Dongrun International Hotel, four-star

  Address: Lianhu Road, Wudu District

  Tel: 0939-8656666


  Grand Dongcheng Hotel, three-star

  Address: North end of Jianshe Road, Wudu District

  Tel: 0939-8266999 


  Wudu Jinlong Hotel, three-star

  Address: South Jianshe Road (opposite the Post Office), Chengguan Town

  Tel: 0939-8268899


  Baishuijiang Hotel, three-star

  Address: South Bridge River Dike, G212 Road, Wen County, Longnan City

  Tel: 0939-5526806


  Meiyuan Conference Center, three-star

  Address: Shangba Avenue, Yangba Town, Kang County

  Tel: 0939-5141026


  Jianhui Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.8, Jianxin Road, Hui County

  Tel: 0939-7532999

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