Hotel Accommodation in Gansu
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Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture Hotel

  Linxia Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.9, Hongyuan Road

  Tel: 0930-6233805


  Huanyue Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.25, East Minzhu Road

  Tel: 0930-6232886


  Hehai Tower, three-star

  Address: No.85, Hongyuan Road

  Tel: 0930-6235476


  Huida Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.1, West Minzhu Road(close to the Intercity Bus Station)

  Tel: 0930-6235088


  Hairui Holiday Hotel, four-star

  Address: No.58, Huanghe Road, Yongjing County

  Tel: 0930-8833393


  Liudian Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.10, East Liujiachuan Road, Yongjing County

  Tel: 0930-8834188


  Dianli Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.369, Chuannan Road, Yongjing County

  Tel: 0930-8821334


  Qiyuan Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.666, Xinji Avenue, Kangle County

  Tel: 0930-4466666


  Xinghai Hotel, three-star

  Address: No.288, Central Xinzhi Avenue, Kangle County

  Tel: 0930-4488888


  Qingsheng Hotel, three-star

  Address: Zhengxing Avenue, Chuimatan Town, Jishishan County

  Tel: 0930-7721155


  Huaxi Summer Palace, three-star

  Address: Diaotan Village, Hezheng County

  Tel: 0930-5580598

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