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Special Lines for Special Interests in Gansu

  In order to meet the special interests of travel lovers, Gansu has successfully developed a variety of special tourism products. Here, the Silk Road is full of mysteries and you can take the transnational automobile travel all along the Silk Road, car rally, Gobi Desert adventure, or land mountain glaciers and  walk the Great Wall; the people here are simple and the natural scenes are wonderful and you can wander in the vast grassland; the brilliant human history and modern features constitute a magnificent picture of Gansu.

  Health Tour of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  Health tourism is a new product. The southeast of Gansu is the birthplace of Chinese health culture and traditional Chinese medicine. In November 2013, the National Tourism Administration and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine approved the southeast of Gansu as the innovation zone of the national traditional Chinese medicine health tourism. As the saying goes ”treating winter diseases in summer”. Winter is the best time for health care. Qingyang, Pingliang, Tianshui, Dingxi and Longnan City, conforming to the rule of health care, have launched a series of health tourism products in winter which combine health teaching, medical visits and health diets. They bring the traditional Chinese medicine into play by developing special products like medicated baths, mud baths, fumigation of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine hot compresses, point injection, massage, zhenqi operation, traditional Chinese medicine wax treatments, etc. Besides this, by personally identifying and picking herbs in the traditional Chinese medicine garden and learning about the health technology of traditional Chinese medicine and the use of health care equipment, the visitors can fully understand the essence and the development of traditional Chinese medicine while enjoying health nursing. This process combines knowledge, interest and appreciation into one perfectly. Going to the southeast of Gansu to walk in the snow, pray for blessing and enjoy traditional Chinese meditation is the first choice of health tourists this winter.

  For the present, the route we recommend starts from Lanzhou, by way of Dingxi - Jingning - Pingliang (the First Place of World Health Care) - Jingchuan (the First Palace of World Mothers—Palace of Heavenly Queen), and ends in Qingyang (Zhouzu Tomb, the largest museum of Chinese Medicine in the Northwest – Qihuang Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Museum)

   Self Driving Tour of the Silk Road

  Self driving tours have become a fashion. Gansu can provide all kinds of cross-country vehicles and organize tourists to travel by the broadwise or longitudinal line of the Silk Road, or by way of Lanzhou - Xining - Golmud -Lhas. This line is characteristic of participation, flexibility, excitement and is favored by visitors.

   Trade and Culture Tour along the Silk Road

  Gansu has a long history. In ancient times, the Silk Road in Gansu was an important transport route across the Eurasian continent. The Silk Road was beneficial to the promotion of economic and cultural exchanges between China and western countries. It is rich in tourism resources and there are many world famous historical relics along the way.

   The Great Wall Tour on Horseback and on Foot

  Gansu is the starting point of the Great Wall of Qin, Han, Ming dynasties and the relics remain intact. Especially in the Hexi Corridor, the Great Wall beacon towers of the Han and the Ming dynasties and the frontier fortress ruins of ancient cities are well preserved. Along the way, the terrain is flat, the scenery is unique, and the relic sites are varied. It is an ideal place for riding horses and hiking expeditions on the Great Wall. The tourists can also be organized to travel all of the Great Wall.

   Snow Mountain and Glacier Landing Adventure in The Qilian Mountains

  The Qilian Mountains are located in the south of the Hexi Corridor. The Tourists can be organized to take adventures on 26 mountains more than 5000 meters high such as Tuanjie Mountain, A’erjin Mountain and Qiyi Glacier.

   Gliders and Hot Air Balloon Flights in Jiayuguan

  Jiayuguan gliding base, with a strong thermal updraft, heat flow and power flow, is one of the three best gliding bases in the world along with Australia and South Africa. Jiayuguan is located in the golden section of the air line from Urumqi to Xi’an which transcends 2000 km, and gliding competitions, hot air balloon flights and other activities and be carried out.

   Rafting Adventure on the Yellow River

  From Hekou to Zhongshan Bridge, the Yellow River runs 45 km and the river along this length stretch is wide and broad. Here the tourists can take the rubber boat drifting and appreciate the beautiful scenery on both sides.

  Adventure on the Gobi Desert

  The Yangguan Pass and the Yumenguan Pass are the two gateways from Dunhuang to Xinjiang. Tourists can pass through ”the sea of death”—Taklimakan Desert, by way of Yangguan Pass, or take the long distance adventure tour on foot or horseback along the Gobi desert with the skeleton road signs, by way of Yumen Pass to Lop Nor.

  Automobile and Motorcycle Rally Tour on the Silk Road

  The ancient Silk Road runs across the northwest of China. Along the way there are many cultural relics. It is rich in folk customs and unique natural scenery.  The road is straight and wide and the traffic is not busy, suitable for travel by car. There has been successfully developed automobile and motorcycle rally projects along the line of Urumqi - Turpan - Dunhuang - Jiayuguan - Lanzhou - Xi'an.

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