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Gansu Loess Customs and Root-visiting Tour

  Gansu is the one of birthplaces of Chinese people. In the eastern and the central area of Gansu, there remain brilliant figures of the great ancestors. This line links some tourist cities of China like Lanzhou, Tianshui, Dingxi, Pingliang and Qingyang etc..

  Choosing this line, the tourists can not only visit Fu Xi Temple, Qinan Dadiwan Cultural Relics, and the well-known Li Palace, but also can experience in person Pingliang Kongtong Wushu as well as the unique charm of Qingyang, Gansu, the birthplace of Chinese agrarian culture. In addition, the tourists can also have personal choice according to their own needs to meet homesickness of the overseas Chinese people.

  The Main Scenic Spots

  Fu Xi Temple (AAAA)

  Located in Xiguan of Tianshui City, Fu Xi Temple is the oldest and grandest temple for worshipping Fu Xi in China.

  Nanguo Temple (AAAA)

  Nanguo Temple, the most famous temple in Longyou, is located in the lap of the mountains, 2 km away to the south of Tianshui City, covering an area of 5.7 hectares. The scenery is beautiful with verdant trees and ancient cypresses. Nanguo Temple is one of the eight sceneries of Tianshui.

  Li Palace

  Built in the early Tang Dynasty, Li Palace (Lee Hall) is ancient imperial building group of the Tang Dynasty. It is the hall for the Li family to worship their ancestors. It is well known at home and abroad because Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong of TangEmperor Taizong of Tangwrote Li Palace personally. It is not only an important carrier and a landmark building for studying the Li cultural relics of Longxi, but also the only ancient building group preserved in Longxi.

  Guiqing Mountain and Zheyang Mountain Scenic Spot (AAAA)

  Guiqing Mountain Forest Park consists of two scenic areas: in the east is Guiqing Mountain and in the west is Zheyang Mountain. The two mountains face each other from east to west, adding radiance to each other. It is the most beautiful natural scenic area of the Loess Plateau in Gansu.

  Kongtong Mountain (AAAAA)

  Kongtong Mountain is historically the earliest birthplace of Taoism and the holy land of Quanzhen sect, the major sect of Taoism. The mountain is towering in the sky with towering cliffs like the work of gods. In the mountains there are verdant forest enlaced with smoky mists, like a fairyland; Gaoxiaping Lake shares the charm with Lijiang River, with the waters and the sky merging in one colour.

  Jingchuan Queen Mother’s Palace (AAAA)

  Jingchuan Queen Mother’s Palace is one of the most famous Taoist temples in the Northwest of China. It is located in the Mountain of Queen Mother’s Palace in Jinchuan County, Gansu. There are mainly four scenic spots: Queen Mother’s Palace, the Jade Pool, Hui Chamber, and Grottos. According to the legend, Queen Mother’s Palace is the birthplace, the origin and the temple of the West Queen.

  Zhouzu Tomb (AAAA)

  Having a long history, Zhouzu Tomb is a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe and has been a tourist resort since ancient times. It is so named because there is a famous tomb on the mountain top — Buzhu (Zhou’s ancestor) Tomb. It is also known as the First Tomb of Zhou’s Ancestors of Cathay.

  Qingyang Farming and Folk Culture Village

  Located in Dongzhi Town of Xifeng District, Qingyang Farming and Folk Culture Village is a comprehensive scenic area which combines 庆阳农耕民俗文化村位于西峰区董志镇境内,是集民俗欣赏、休闲娱乐、宗教文化于一体的综合风景旅游区。folk culture appreciation, entertainment and religious culture into one.


  The whole journey is of 487 km long. Lanzhou – Dingxi: 105 kilometers; Lanzhou – Tianshui: 365 km; Tianshui – Pingliang: 265 km; Pingliang – Qingyang: 159 kilometers; Lanzhou – Pingliang: 328 kilometers; Lanzhou – Qingyang: 487 km. The journey length can be of any combination. Transportation: automobile, train. If you go to Qingyang directly, you can start from Lanzhou by air.

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