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Serofluid Noodles

  Serofluid Noodles are made of serofluid soup and they are popular in Lanzhou, Tianshui, Dingxi, Linxia, but Lanzhou serofluid noodles are the most excellent. Lanzhou people have their own exquisite ways of eating serofluid noodles. Firstly take a bowl of serofluid soup, and then put a little vegetable oil into a frying pan and heat it before putting dozens of Chinese red peppers and one or two pieces of ginger in the oil. Remove the peppers and ginger when the flavor is out and fry green onions before pouring it in serofluid soup. Put some salt and some parsley in it for use. Then use a pot to cook noodles. Serofluid has to be accompanied by hand rolled noodles and the noodles must be thin and fine. Take the noodles out of the pot and drain them before putting them in the cold water to cool them down. Take Put the noodles into everyone’s bowl and pour serofluid soup on the noodles. Serofluid contains a variety of beneficial enzymes and can relieve heat and increase appetite. It is an excellent choice in summer.

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