Food in Gansu
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Hot Winter Pear

  Hot Winter Pear is one of Lanzhou people’s favorite street food in winter. It can moisten the lungs, relieve a cough and reduce phlegm. According to legend, it was created by Prime Minister Wei Zheng of the Tang Dynasty. The selection of the fruit is particular. First of all, select the best winter pears produced in Shuimogou; then wash and peel the pears, and remove the pits before cutting them into pieces; put the pear pieces in a pot and add some water before adding some crystal rock sugar, jujubes, ginger and peppers. When it is boiling, it takes another 20 minutes before it can be enjoyed. In early winter of every year, you can see stalls selling winter pears everywhere on the streets in Lanzhou. Steaming big yellow pears send out a touch of fragrance, so delicious and attractive.

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