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Qingyang Saozi Noodles

  Qingyang Saozi Noodles are a traditional food. and They are also called shaozi (Whistle) noodles because there is a whistling sound in the mouth while eating them as it is they are spicy and hot. According to legend, Qingyang saozi noodles have a long history, originating in the wedding ritual after Hongwu of Ming Dynasty. The making of Qingyang saozi noodles is fine and the process includes kneading the dough, rolling the dough, making soup, and boiling the noodles. The noodles are fine like silk threads, long and pliable. They are easily to be digested and they are suitable for both young and old. They can be divided into saozi noodles and sour noodles for different soup. Saozi noodles taste delicious and sour noodles refreshing, each one with its own unique flavor.

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