Food in Gansu
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Mutton and Diangjuzi

  Mutton Diangjuzi is a special snack in Hexi, Gansu, and it is also the traditional dish on the Shandan grassland. The cooking method is as follows: chop the lamb into fragments, stir-fry it with vegetable oil; add spring onion, sliced garlic slices, and dried peppers as well as ginger powder, pepper powder, salt and other spices; add some water and stew it until it is 80 percent done. Roll ready dough into fine pieces, smear the pieces with vegetable oil, make them into cylinder shape, and chop them into one-inch parts lengths before putting them on the mutton. Stew until both the mutton and the dough are done. Now it can be served on the table. The dish is popular for its delicious mutton and the chewy bread of Hexi. 

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