Fruits in Gansu
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Yellow River Melon

  Yellow River Melon is mainly produced in Minqin, Gansu and some other places also have it. It is not very large, the skin is golden, the melon pulp is jade-like and very beautiful. It tastes sweet like honey and it smells fragrant like wine. In China, from the South to the North, the farther to the North, it is drier. So the fruit produced in the North is sweeter. Yellow River melon of Minqin, by anti off-season production and pollution-free cultivation techniques, grows in sandy soil. It enjoys long-time sunshine; the temperature difference between day and night is great; the environment is pollution free. So the special geographical environment makes high quality of Yellow River melon which has the proper size. It is easy to be preserved and transported. So it is best-sold throughout China.

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