Fruits in Gansu
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Winter Pear

  Winter Pear, commonly known as West Orchard Pear, is produced in the suburbs of Lanzhou city and Gaolan, Jingyuan and Hexi areas. The best winter pear is produced in Shuimogou and Xiyuan (West Orchard) of Huazhaizi, Qilihe district in Lanzhou. The cultivation of winter pear has a long history of several hundreds of years. The pulp of Winter Pear is fine and the skin is thin. It is unique in the whole country for its juicy and crispy flavor. September is the harvest season of winter pear and it can be preserved until the following June without losing its color and taste. It is effective for clearing the lungs, eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and dispelling colds and enjoys a high reputation.

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