Fruits in Gansu
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Lanzhou Soft Pear

  Lanzhou soft pear, with its special flavor, becomes a leader of pears in Lanzhou which enjoys the reputation of “City of Fruits". The soft pear is shaped nearly round and it is ripe after winter begins. It is yellow-green and the pear skin is thick and the pulp is tough. It tastes sour. If preserved until winter, it will be frozen into an icy ball. When to eat, put the icy ball into cold water and there will form a layer of ice over the skin. Break the thin ice and there will be a quite some delicious juice. It tastes so sweet, like honey and it also has the flavor of wine. While eating, just remove the skin and suck the juice. You can enjoy the honey-like fruit which is sweet and refreshing. Therefore, soft pear is also called ”fragrant pear”.

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