Fruits in Gansu
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Li Guang Apricot

  Li Guang Apricot, also known as ”Li Guang Apricot of Dunhuang”, is a special product of Dunhuang, Gansu. It is a specialty developed from hairy apricot in Dunhuang and the name comes from the legend of general Li Guang. Thanks to the local climate and geographical conditions, the Li Guang Apricot is famous for its fantastic taste. This apricot is shaped round and it is larger than a plum; the color is bright and beautiful; the skin is thin, the pulp is rich, and the pit is small; it tastes sweet and juicy and smells fragrant. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can not only be eaten fresh, but also made into canned apricots, dried apricots, preserved apricots or used as raw material for brewing apricot wine. The almond can be used as raw material to make pastries, snacks and candies.

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